//5 Reasons to use infused water

Five reasons to use infused water bottle

No More Boring Water! Enjoy Personalized Healthy Hydration with Infusion Water Bottle (infused water)!

We all know how important hydration is, especially in hot days. If it is easy for some to consume 2 liters of water or even more a day, it is extremely difficult for others. So I choose carbonated juices with dyes and artificial sweeteners. Infused water to the rescue!

Here are some reasons why it is worth buying infused water bottle :


Infused water or detoxifying water is the new trend inspired by stars.

More and more stars are turning to this trick to remove toxins from the body to get rid of extra pounds and have enviable health.

The general idea behind detox water is that it helps to flush your body of toxins quicker than plain old water. You find healthy foods, toss them in water and drink.

With a infused water bottle, it will not be hard for you to have a detox, so you can customize the taste of your water with your favorite fruit flavors.




Juice recipes for detoxification use to infusion water bottle

First, who loves watermelon?

Really awesome is the only correct answer.

Watermelon is a 90% water supply with a sugar content designed to provide energy throughout the day. Particularly tasty, red watermelon can not only become a perfect summer snack but also a real help in eliminating toxins and losing weight. Red melon is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron and amino acids, but also a weapon of hope in the fight with degrees Celsius.

It’s simple to do. All you need is a infusion water battle, a watermelon and water. You can put some mint leaves for a bit of freshness.

Here are 6 simple infusions of water, with only two natural ingredients – vegetables or fruits.Perfect for detox and use the fusion watter bottle.

The Perfect Gift

Do you have a friend who is trying to get fit but needs a little boost? Why not gift them a fruit infused water bottle. These water bottles make for inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts, ideal for people who want to switch to a healthier lifestyle.Save Time and Effort

A fruit infused water bottle only requires 15 to 30 minutes to completely infuse all the flavors of the fruit whereas if you were to soak the fruits in a jug, it would take up to 8 hours to completely infuse. These bottles are incredibly convenient and easy to use.


Good hydration is one of the most integral factors for overall health. Unfortunately, many people undermine its importance and thus find it difficult to maintain a good rate of hydration. While some people simply forget to intake water, others are just too lazy to get off the sofa and reach for a glass of water. Investing in a fruit infused water bottle is the perfect way to increase your water intake.

The fun part about flavored water is you can experiment with a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs according to your personal preferences and tastes. These bottles are available in a variety of styles and colors so you won’t feel reluctant in taking it to the gym or to your workplace.  Get yourself an infused water bottle and you will notice an increase in water consumption.

You can take it with you anywhere

Better still, every fruit infusion water bottle comes with a comfortable outer sleeve that offers light insulation and an improved comfort grip. Our infuser bottles fit in any normal cup holder, and just as easily in your gym bag or hiking back pack. It’s the go everywhere, do anything infusion bottle you’ve been waiting for!

It is a cool accessory!





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