Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Large 32oz by Danum – New Full Length Infusion Basket, Leak-proof, Flip-Top, Dual Hand Grips, made of BPA-Free Eastman Tritan with Multiple Color Options & Free Recipe Ebook

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★ LIVE HEALTHIER ★ Are you trying to drink more water, lose weight & live healthier? The Danum Fruit Infuser Bottle is your answer – Simple, Easy & Fast! In 2 minutes you can make great tasting, healthy water. Get all the hydration your body needs with all the flavors you love! Why put sugar & chemicals in your body that are keeping you over weight & feeling bad? Give your body the hydration, vitamins & minerals it needs – the natural & organic way! Choose to live healthier & feel better today!
★ DESIGNED FOR INFUSING ★ Danum bottles are so well designed & durable, you’ll use it every day! You’ll love how much fruit & water this large 32 oz bottle holds, yet still fits in most car cup holders. The rubber grip on one side & molded thumb grip opposite ensures a secure grip. Easy to carry using the large finger loop. One hand operation – push the button & the lid pops open. The flat bottom-full length infuser basket makes it easy to add lots of fruit and a large opening for easy cleaning.


Infuser Water Bottle

Characteristics of the Infuser Water Bottle:

Large 32ounce Capacity

Fits such a great deal auto cup holders

100percent BPA unfastened, Eco friendly

Leak signs & Lockable Lid

Big starting makes it easy to wash

Infuser basket retains adequate for a few refills

Eliminate the infuser & it creates a fantastic Sports actions Water Bottle

Why beverage Infused Water?


Were you aware that more than fivepercent of American taxpayers are Dehydrated?

Soda, energy drinks, carbonated”berry” beverages. The majority of these yummy beverages really dehydrate you!

At the previous 100 years,” We finally have lost contact with all the herbal and healthful way of producing water our principal drink

Listed below are simply a couple of benefits of infused water:

• Excellent source for antioxidants

• helps cut back wrinkles & encourage overall pores and skin tone & elasticity

• help the digestion

• helps weight-loss & starvation management

• Great source for minerals & nutrients

• helps you reduce your glucose intake by way of altering soda

• Stimulates higher brain function as – attention, endurance, tiredness

• helps you unwind better

• helps joint lubrication

• Infusing nourishment & nutritional supplements boosts your immune system

• helps soothe your system

Literally, by way of consuming implanted water ceaselessly, you’re exchange soda, and distinct harmful drinks with herbal, organically flavored drinks, to genuinely feel greater & glimpse higher also!


Are you currently really looking to drink additional water, shed a couple of pounds & live fitter? The Danum Fruit Infuser Bottle is the settlement – Simple, Straightforward & Speedy! In 2 mins you will make dull tasting, healthy water. Get the whole hydration that your framework wants with the whole tastes you prefer! Why put sugar & chemical compounds to your framework which could be keeping you over weight & sense harmful? Supply your framework the hydration, minerals & nutrients it wants – the natural & herbal method! Make a choice to live fitter & feel greater nowadays!


Danum bottles are really smartly made & hardy, You are able to use it daily! You are able to appreciate how much water & fruit this enormous 32 ouncesbottle retains, but nonetheless matches in this a great deal auto cup holders. The rubberized grip on a single facet & watertight thumb grip reverse ensures a secure grip. Easy to maintain the usage of this huge finger . The horizontal backside-complete period infuser basket makes it easy in order to add a lot of fruit plus a large starting for easy cleansing.

★ 1 billion percent BPA-FREE ★

Danum bottles are created from Leading course Eastman Tritan. You are able to enjoy consuming from this jar – it is not like distinct plastic bottles you’ve used previously. The Eastman Tritan subject issue is BPA unfastened therefore it’s secure to take advantage of, rust & does not have any plastic aftertaste. Best course Eastman Tritan might be rather sturdy, but seems like glass. The Danum jar gets the whole benefits of glass jar with all the security & lighter burden of a plastic jar.

Whilst you buy a Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle you receive additional than simply a ideal Infusion jar, you also receive a good Fruit Infusing recipe voucher – FREE! We finally have determined on the simplest infusion recipes out there on the sector & put them into a superb & Easy to learn eBook. You’re going to enjoy the whole Nice tasting & healthful recipes! Make the choice to start dwelling fitter nowadays – you deserve it!


We are so confident within the design & workmanship of our bottles, we it up using a life-time request! You will completely enjoy your Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – or we are likely to buy it . If it breaks, we are going to swap it. You do not have a thing to lose! We finally have made alterations to our jar based entirely upon shoppers opinions, making improvements to an already wonderful layout, it’s near really best now & we’re sure You really can feel that the similar! There might be no anything to shed & the entire situation to reach – get yours nowadays!


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